Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Easy Ways to Live Green!

Twittermoms.com and Airwear are having a living green contest.

Here are my green tips!

1) RECYCLE.  I know, this is like, the oldest and most basic tip, but it works! Most communities have curbside recycling. What could be easier than rinsing out your containers and throwing them in a recycle bin?NY also has a 5 cent bottle return. J and I drink quite a bit of diet soda, so those nickles add up. You are already paying for it when you buy the soda, so why NOT help the planet and get your own money back in the process?

2) USE REUSABLE BAGS. Reusable bags are everywhere now - and many companies are giving them away for free. I have never bought any - except for the ones I bought for the out of town bags for my wedding guests. You can also buy them cheaply. More and more stores, even CVS, gives you afew cens back for every bag you use.

3) TURN THE WATER OFF WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH.  Have you noticed a theme here - living green saves you money! The same is true for tip three... yet another oldie but goodie, and also J's contribution. Water conservation is a HUGE deal. I will admit that  I like hot showers, and while my morning showers are short, it does take awhile to get the water hot. One way to counteract that is to keep the water off while you brush your teeth. Easy, painless and it saves you money on your water bill and helps conserve water. Win-win! :)

There you go.... three easy, money-saving green tips!!

:) LB


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