Monday, April 19, 2010

BLOGMANIA is coming!!

You might have already haeard about this but if not... hold onto your hats!!
Hosted by Between the Pages Blogmania is a multi-blog event with HUNDERDS of products being given away, all on one day: April 30th.
The best part is that each giveaway will be SIMPLE to enter, so you can get to as many blogs as you can that day.

I am blog 99 of 100 and want my readers to be involved. Now, some blogs are giving away great and numerous prizes, however, I don't have to resources or money yet to do that. So, my giveaway will be simple: GIFT CARDS.

I'm thinking 2 gifts cards, maybe $15 to $25 each? I need to know... WHAT STORES OR RESTAURANTS would you like a gift card to? or would your prefer a generic Visa/Am Ex gift card to be used anywhere?

Please LMK! I want to have a contest that YOU want to enter!


  1. Barnes and Nobles! Target! Anywhere. Don't get a cash card - you'd have to pay a fee. :) Fellow BLOGMANIA blog here, hi!!!

  2. Any fashion places =) Like Garage, ect
    Or food places (Starbucks and stuff like that) :) Just my votee

  3. hi there! fellow BLOGMANIA blog here background by the way!
    the great thing with amazon you can email it immediately to the winner and they have access to their prize(s)(as long as you have their email address) AND there's so much you can get now at amazon - literally anything from makeup to car parts to books, of course.

  4. Thanks you gals for the replies! I am still deciding! :)

  5. Amazon or Borders or Barnes & Noble are always good. :)

    Come check out my giveaways during Blogmania!

    Maggie at tethered mommy dot com