Saturday, March 27, 2010

Magazine Insanity...

Yoday, J and I drove 2 hours north to  meet my brother's girlfriend for the first time! We met at a Cracker Barrel halfway between where we all live - and close to where My brother and I grew up. It was a good time,she seems really nice. Afterward, J and I drove 30 minutes to a mall that we both went to when we were growing up (separately!).

Since I would be spending so much time in the car, I decided to tackle my magazine mess. The magazines were already organized, but again there were so many that they didn't fit into my 2 holders. So I grabbed a big stack.

And read and  read! I read 14 magazines! Granted, some were food or others without tons of articles. But it feels good to get through so many! My magazines all fit in the holders again! And I think that I have received about all of my monthly magazines so if I can keep up to reading 1 or 2 a day, I'll be allcaught up by the time it starts over again LOL!

Quite a few are expiring within a month or two, though, thankfully :)

Anyone else have magazine issues? lol


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