Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogania and life update!

Man, this week just killed me. I don't know why, but it was a crazy week, and it seemed like I had no time to get anything done! Then this weekend J and I have gone to two outlet malls and seen a movie, plus run a few other errands. No time!!

My biggest announcement is two NEW BLOGMANIA sponsors!! Easy Lunchboxes is compartmentalized food container, that, combined with the cooler lunchbag, is an easy, eco-friendly way to prepare lunch. A full review will be posted soon.

My other sponsor is bradens grace wall art from etsy. I will be giving away a set of 12 3-inch circle chalkboard vinyls. These are perfect for labeling jars, glasses and  other containers!

My giveaway now has a title - FROM OUR KITCHEN TO YOURS, thanks to Gina  at crush. I just love it :D I am working on getting more sponsors! If you have kitchen, baking, cooking themed product, please e-mail me. Just click on Contact Info up at the top of the page. Thanks :)

In personal news... J and I joined Weight Watchers. Finally, I say LOL I have done WW before, but it is kinda different nowadays! J's brother has lost 73 pounds on WW!! Amazing, man. So hopefully this will jump start something good. My biggest problem is willpower, so hopefully doing it with Jeff will help me stay on track :D

One of the reasons why I wanted to join is the the TTC is still not happening. I'm hoping that my weight is the issue, so WW should help. i KNOW that stress is a big one too, but other than keep on trying to get a new job, there is nothing I can do. Frustrating. We will see how June goes, then see if we need to go a step farther to see a dr or someone. :\

So, that is what is going on! Happy Memorial Day - and a big thank you to all the soldiers out there.


  1. Girl, WW is the way to go imho. I started last March and celebrated 100lbs loss two weeks ago. I have 14lbs to go until goal! YOU CAN DO IT. I'm gunna email you these awesome WW recipes that I get at my meetings, and I email them to my mom and SiL. As for the TTC, maybe this is a good thing--losing weight before pregnancy. LB, I had a HORRIBLE pregnancy and was close to 315lbs when I gave birth! :( NOT good. I had gained so much weight. Soooo scary and I had a slew of problems. Getting in shape for your future little ones is the best thing you can do!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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