Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Menu Plan... Monday? - Week of 3/26/12

Happy spring!!! It is officially the busy season around here. Between birthdays, Easter activities, spring activites and just oging outside more... weekends are packed and with a baby, recovery is harder! This week's menu plan got delayed and going to the grocery store this week is as well. I was going to try to get a lot done at home today, but the baby is extra clingy and whiny so, so far... nothing much has happened! I think he is teething again :(

Monday: leftovers from the weekend
Tuesday:  Slow cooker pasta sauce chicken (I needed something quick - I added garlic and spices.)
Wednesday: chicken pot pie and "Bisquick pie" from the freezer (no clue what Bisquick pie is!)
Thursday: leftover pasta sauce chicken
 Friday: chicken fingers

Ok a boring week!

For more menus, visit OrgJunkie!

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  1. Hi, LB! I've nominated you for the "Sunshine Award"! Stop by my blog to collect!