Saturday, March 3, 2012


Moved into size 12 mo shirts but still fits into size 6 mo pants...`

Welcome to Sickville, population 3!!! Jeff came home from work Tuesday with a sore throat.... by morning, it was a full fledged cold. He called out Thursday and spent the whole day lying and sleeping on the couch, poor guy! :(  He is on the mend today... Meanwhile, my throat started hurting on Thursday, and today it is in so much pain! I have a slight cold too, as does baby E. A lot of sneezing and nose running from his tiny baby nose!

With all of this lazing about, I have actually started to plan next week's menu. Yes, I must be sick because I am looking forward to cooking this week ?!?! I need to use up some things, so I am thinking chicken pot pie and quiche. I have a hankering for muffins, too, I think I'll make muffins this week and maybe scones next week.

Blog-wise I am working on getting more reviews and giveaways up! Since I took such a long break, I feel like I ma starting all over again almost! But I promise I will have some good stuff up soon. Until then, you can still enter to win a 2 night stay in Estes Park CO!

In exciting news, E. is finally cutting his next 2 teeth! He has been teething on and off since he got his first 2 teeth on Oct 26th. This morning I noticed 2 off to the side that are almost all the way through. So exciting! It has also been a blast to hear how his speech is developing, from the sounds that sound almost like words to now, when he says mama clearly and knows who I am! He is pretty good with saying dada too. and he LOVES to sing! So cute. Hopefully someday I'll be able to get it on video.

Have a great weekend!!!

shopping time!!!


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