Tuesday, May 1, 2012

V, W, X, Y and Z

Without further ado, what you have all been waiting for lol

V is for Villas at Grand Californian
It is so miuch prettier than this pic, I swear

The Grand California hotel in Disneyland is one of the prettiest hotels in the entire portfolio, and Jeff and I are lucky enough to own  a share in the vacation club there. As you can kinda tell by the picture, it is just gorgeous, and being able to get to DCA literally without leaving your hotel, and having Disneyland steps away is such a perk!

W is for Woody's Fabulous Belt
close up it is sooo sparkly and gaudy and FAAABULOUS

I am so bummed that I cannot find my close up of this, but trust me, it IS fabulous!! Several years ago, Disneyland changed It's a Small World, adding in some Disney characters and mostly getting rid of the wonderful rainforest section. It was replaced by cardboard cutouts and paper mache Jessie, Woody and Bullseye... perhaps the best part being what a friend coined Woody's Fabulous Belt, bedazzled and all.

X is for X Atencio
X Atencio
 I do feel a bit remiss about not featuring any Imaingeer, so here you go, courtesy of Disney Wiki
Francis Xavier "X" Atencio  is a former Imagineer, writer, lyricist and animator. He joined Disney in 1938 as an animator. In 1965, he became an Imagineer. He wrote the scripts for several Disney theme park attractions, most notably Adventure Thru Inner Space, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Haunted Mansion, as well as the lyrics to the theme songs of the latter two, Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me! and Grim Grinning Ghosts, respectively. His voice can be heard as the Talking Skull at the beginning of the Pirates of a Caribbean attraction, and in a safety spiel for the Haunted Mansion attraction.

Y is for yellow Mickey balloon
Mickey balloons at Disneyland... so pretty

Perhaps cheating a bit, thanks to my friend Wendy, but the Mickey head balloons are iconic. And they are still in the parks, in a bit of an altered form, but it is still nice to see something last for so long.

Z is for Zero
Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington's loyal sidekick, he is kinda cute for a sheet!!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my Disney A to Z! It was a challenge for sure but lots of fun :)


  1. Oh the belt! I will love it forever. It always makes me smile.

  2. Congrats on completing the Challenge, LB! I love it that you included an Imagineer! They are truly the unsung heroes of Disney. :-)