Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Refuse to Believe it!

Toys R Us has a great birthday club - balloon, crown and in store announcement

Nope, no, no way, ut uh. My baby is not 2 years old!!! It has been a week since Baby E.'s 2nd birthday, and I am still in denial!! My parents were here for a week and a half (yay!), and everyone we invited RSVP'd Yes. A couple had to cancel last minute, but our house was still full! It was a fun day, but it was insanity, and next year we will have a quiet dinner and possible weekend trip.

The theme was the Pixar movie Up, since E. loves balloons, the color blue and the word up! The pic below was my attempt to get a pic of E. with a handful of balloons. The blurry figure is my brother.

Up! This kid does not stay still... he was trying to jump
Successful day.... here is to my funny, wild, sweet and loving boy... Hope this next year is awesome!

A few more pics.

I tried to make a rainbow cake, but I messed it up so we got a Mickey cake from BJ's

Tried Bakerella's Upcakes... failed there too

Used a helium tank for some of the balloons
My sister in law did a great job decorating! Adventure scrapbook paper, stencils, some streams and balloons taped to the wall

Goody bags - Up book, packet of Goldfish crackers, Adventure notepad, travel card game and bubbles

One last picture of the happy birthday boy!!


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