Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 11/16/12

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Is it too late to say that? LOL

I apologize for the lack of posts - the holiday season was insane, and after tackling a 9 month old who goes everywhere and gets into everything, I am wiped.  But I really enjoy blogging and hate to think of all the hard work I have done getting followers and connecting with companies just gone. I am going to try to build up again, but I can't make any guarantees! So without further ado, here is post number one for 2012!!!

Monday: dinner out with the in laws

Tuesday: Cooking Light's slow cooker barbecue chicken (from their slow cooker cookbook - couldn't find the recipe online)

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday:  Easy Enchiladas using leftover chicken from Tues.

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: Country Frittata

Sunday: something from the freezer

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