Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Radical Review Wednesday: Philadelphia Cooking Creme

I had a free coupon for the new Philaelphia Cooking Creme and couldn't wait to try it! BTW, in the ads, these look huge, but in reality they are small - 10 oz. I bought the Italian Cheese and Herb flavor and decided to go with a recipe on the box - Creamy Italian Chicken & Orzo Skillet.

But, if you are a reader of my blog you know - I can never cook the way a recipe says. Usually i don't have or like the ingredients so I "make it my own."

Mine looked a lot different but tasted as good as this probably does!

This recipe calls for orzo - didn't have, so I used rice; zucchini - don't like and didn't have so I used onion; and tomatoes - I THOUGHT I had a can but didn't. However, the dish was still delicious and so creamy!!!

I LOVED the cooking creme! The flavor was outstanding! All of the spices that I try to use but somehow they taste better in this creme.  The nutritionals aren't TOO bad, but it is really high on fat. I would only use this on occasion.

Highly recommend this!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clever Girls Collective's Twitter Party!

Join Clever Girls Collective  tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29th, and help them raise $10,000 for Girls For A Change.
The party is from 3:00–4:00pm EDT/12:00pm–1:00pm PDT. RSVP here to be eligible* to win gift cards - one worth $250.

Change Is Good:
If you knew then what you know now,
what CHANGE would you encourage your younger self to make?

The party is brought to you by Yahoo!, and they’re offering an amazing opportunity that could change the lives of thousands of girls. For every person who changes her homepage to Yahoo! [special link coming soon!] before July 1, Yahoo! will donate $10 to Girls For A Change, up to $10,000!

Please tweet to help get the word out:
Join @CleverGirlsColl party June 29 @ 12PM PT/3PM ET! Fab prizes, great cause! RSVP #CleverChange
Only participants who RSVP are eligible* to win one of several gift cards, ranging in value from $25 to $250! (Plus we’re raising money for a great cause!)

*Prize Eligibility: Winners must have RSVP’d and be 18 years or older.


Clever Girls Collective selected GFC as the non-profit for this generous Yahoo! campaign because it matches our mission of empowering women to help each other. Clever Founder Sheila Bernus Dowd was a GFC volunteer and member of the advisory board, so we have first-hand experience with their commitment to helping girls become community leaders. Here's how they describe themselves:

“Girls For A Change (GFC) is a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. We invite young women to design, lead, fund and implement social change projects that tackle issues girls face in their own neighborhoods. GFC empowers girls for personal and social transformation. The program inspires girls to have the voice, ability and problem solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize their full potential."


Yahoo! offers:
  • Personalized content: The Yahoo! homepage delivers you the most relevant content based on your interests, time of day, and what’s most popular with other users like you.
  • Your World and The World: The Yahoo! homepage uniquely brings together your world (your email, local news) with the world around you (current events, entertainment news, financial updates and more)
  • Human Interest: Articles on the homepage have a human approach – more than just news, it delivers human interest stories that you just have to click on.

(I have received no compensation for this post - just a fan of Yahoo! and doing good... and a gift card fan too!)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Oh so much to say, and only now 2.5 months in can I actually take some breathers. I have a long list in my head of what to say about motherhood, its difficulties, it joys and how I feel so different from every other mother I have seen.

On June 1st

Baby E was 11 weeks yesterday! At his 2 month appt, he weighed 9lbs 15 oz, up 1lb 3oz from birth. He lost weight his first month, that is why. But with formula, he is finally getting enough. (He has always liked eating - he likes putting anything is his mouth he can!). He can hold onto objects and has just started reaching out. He has already been to Illinois and Woodloch Pines in PA. Disneyland is next! He is a great kid! And soon he'll be able to DO stuff!!!

June 16, ready to go out to dinner

It has been quite an adjustment! We still are adjusting LOL!!! so I am planning on getting this blog back on track, at the very least posting some sales and deals and giveaways. And more about my life, at least to have a bit of a memory book? I missed the deadlines for some giveaways, unfortunately, but hopefully I can get this going again and pick up some more fans :) I'm going to try to post regularly - maybe not every day but regularly! thank you to everyone who is still around!!

One more pic...

Father's Day, I want to eat this kid up!!!!

<3 lots of love!