Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That Sea Cusine Giveaway

You might remember that a week or two ago, Sea Cusine attempted to have a giveaway on their site for a free coupon, but everyone who posed about it (and me!) had problems with it. I never could get the site to load, after trying for 2 hours! So I e-mailed the company, and it took them this long to reply... must have been behind due to the number of complaints!!

Well the e-mail sates there were "occasional" and "temporary" issues loading the web site, and talked down to me like I didn't know Web sites get busy when they have free stuff??

And they offered a $1 on the site as a consolation prize, but like everything else it is a printable and it is a PITA to hook the laptop into the desktop to print. I can't print at work because I can't download the software. Other companies have offered a coupon by mail but this company just shoved me over to their coupon page again.

I am sending a reply that basically says Nice Try but you are full of BS and several other people had this same issue.

It is interesting how Herbal Essences had these same type of issues, bent over backward to fix them then offered up a Web site that worked!! Guess some companies value their customers more than others. I'll never buy Sea Cuisine items, and I urge you to buy from companies that care about the customer.


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