Wednesday, September 30, 2009


On Oct. 17th, I am taking the ATAS aka New York State Assessment of Teaching Skills. My latest attempt to get back into working with children, I am going to (hopefully!) get a teacher's assistance certificate. Other than the test, I have to take a class on recognizing child abuse, and a class on violence in schools. I also have to get fingerprinted. All together it'll cost me about $250 to do this. How crazy is that? But it will be an advantage while looking for a job, and it will hopefully make up for my lack of references.

Tonight I started studying. It felt really really strange, but it also felt really good. It was nice to engage my brain a little. Tonight was the English portion - I am confident about that section. Tomorrow I study math, and that I am much more wary about passing that section of the test!


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