Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween...

First, the little ghosts I won from Lenny and Lolidots came the other day. And they are adorable! They now have a new home on my mantle.

Also, the all nautral Necco wafers came. Of course, I HAD to sample a pack for myself. ;) They are as good as I remember, though the flavors don't seem as strong. Chocolate is still my favorite flavor and licorice my least favorite!! I love how some are a bit spicy too. They are crunchy but won't break your teeth!!

So, every year I make Tootsie Roll ghost pops to give out on Halloween, but I also give out a chocolate bar because I think that's the best part of Halloween ;) Since this year I also have the Necco wafers to give away, I thought I'd put all the items together in a bag and hand those out! It's going to be a fun Halloween!


On a side note, today is my first anniversary! <3 Last night we went out to the nicest steak place in town to celebrate (sine J is working late today). It was delicious.  Can't wait to spend many more years together!


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