Monday, January 4, 2010

Sad Day, Bad Day but Great Dinner

Gotta look at the little things, right?

After a weekend of steadily getting worse, we decided the best thing to do was to put Torrie down. I am not a big animal person, but Torrie was such a sweet and loving fluffball. She was a very gentle and nice cat who loved her Mousie! RIP, there's a special spot in kitty heaven for you.

Last night, I dropped my laptop on the floor - AGAIN. I always trip over the cord. Well, this time the back cover popped open and in trying to get it back on, I screwed up the hard drive. It worked for a little this evening then boom... went to black and now it can't find Windows. A new laptop was NOT in the budget... and what good is paying off a credit card if  you just put stuff back on it? AURGH!!!!

If you know any laptop deals PLEASE let me know!!

Knowing it was going to be a bad day, I decided to make oven fries tonight. We were already going to BBQ chicken, and then Jeff kicked it up notch with bacon and cheese :) So I thought oven fries would be a good compliment to that. They are really easy to make but they take a long time to cook. I just started making them and wish I'd been making them all along lol Tonight I used my silpats to make them and it was SO MUCH BETTER!!! A little burning but NO sticking!!!! 

Here's the recipe: (picture to come later)
Take some russet potatoes and slice into fry shapes. I like mine thin. I use 5 or 6, that way we have leftovers.
Pour some oil into a deepish, flat bottom dish. Canola or olive oil are what I prefer. Enough that you think it'll coat the potatoes.
Add some spices - garlic powder, garlic salt or regular salt, paprika, Italian spices... whatever you prefer!
Add Parmesan cheese. We just use the kind in the green container. Add about twice as much as the rest of the spices - this is what coats the potatoes.
Mix up then add the potatoes some at a time.
Stir to coat, pick up with tongs and let some mixture drip off.
Put into jelly roll pans - heavily sprayed or with a Silpat.
Cook at 450 for about 45 mins or until brown and crispy and soft. Turn halfway through.

I love this recipe because it makes me feel like a "real cook" by not measuring!!

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  1. Hey, LB, you were the Bare Minerals winner! I posted on the blog instructions on how to claim your prize!