Friday, July 26, 2013

We're Back from Colorado!

flamingos at the Denver Zoo

What a fun trip! The kiddo and I went out to visit my parents for just over a week. It was really nice to get away and go back to a place I love so much. It was E's first visit, and I think he liked it too, especially Pa's car and garage lol we did not do too many touristy things, other than the Denver Zoo and Pearl Street Mall. We also went to a great children's museum in Lafayette. The time went by way too fast!!

Now back to real life for just a few weeks, then we are all 3 off to Disneyland!! The whirlwind summer goes on :)

SmashBurger - the onion rings were amazing!!!


He looooved riding the car at the children's museum

going down a waterslide all. by. himself!

The "toot toot" at the zoo. Yup he liked this better than the animals!

Riding a tractor!

Freddy's burgers and onion rings! The custard was really good too!
We will be back for Christmas, but man do I wish we were going back sooner!!


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