Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Way to Organize Dresser Drawers for the "In Between" Season

This summer, my 2 year old's shorts were out of control! The drawer they were in was just a mess, and since he has so many patterned shorts, I was wasting time trying to match shirts with shorts.

Enter baskets from the dollar store! For $2 plus tax, I was able to easily find the shorts I wanted at a glance! I used the rest of the space in the drawer for his shortalls and matching outfits.

shorts all nice and neat - thank you dollar store!

But here comes the bonus - we are now in the "in between" season, where summer and fall collide, meaning some days it is 65 and pants weather while some days (like tomorrow!) the high is 80, and it is definite shorts weather. For the first time, all of his shorts are secure in one place, so I can easily figure out what are his pants and what are his shorts!

shorts and pants, separated by cheap baskets
Now to organize his shirt drawer... it is a million times worse! :0


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