Thursday, November 12, 2009

Menu Plan Update!

The inspectors canceled on  Tuesday, but they came today (thankfully J's father is retired so he could sit in case they came early). And we passed! This ...experience.. is almost over!!

As I was typing this post, UPS came to the door.. It was the PJ Moose I won from the Tanger Outlets Facebook! He is so cute.... see for yourself!

his cute little backside!

Menu plan update...

MONDAY: I forgot to make the potatoes, totally forgot.We just had the burgers with no side.
TUESDAY: I remember! They're actually pretty good too, for a box.
WEDNESDAY: was "Anything goes" so we had leftover potatoes with bacon and scallions. A great idea that my hubby made up!
TODAY: The maple glazed chicken is a og, but DH bought baking potatoes instead of mashing potatoes, so we're having oven fries instead. And really? I have been craving them so this is a good thing! I think I have convinced him to help cut them, too ;)

Hope everyone is having a good week... it's almost Friday!!!

:) LB

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Easy Ways to Live Green! and Airwear are having a living green contest.

Here are my green tips!

1) RECYCLE.  I know, this is like, the oldest and most basic tip, but it works! Most communities have curbside recycling. What could be easier than rinsing out your containers and throwing them in a recycle bin?NY also has a 5 cent bottle return. J and I drink quite a bit of diet soda, so those nickles add up. You are already paying for it when you buy the soda, so why NOT help the planet and get your own money back in the process?

2) USE REUSABLE BAGS. Reusable bags are everywhere now - and many companies are giving them away for free. I have never bought any - except for the ones I bought for the out of town bags for my wedding guests. You can also buy them cheaply. More and more stores, even CVS, gives you afew cens back for every bag you use.

3) TURN THE WATER OFF WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH.  Have you noticed a theme here - living green saves you money! The same is true for tip three... yet another oldie but goodie, and also J's contribution. Water conservation is a HUGE deal. I will admit that  I like hot showers, and while my morning showers are short, it does take awhile to get the water hot. One way to counteract that is to keep the water off while you brush your teeth. Easy, painless and it saves you money on your water bill and helps conserve water. Win-win! :)

There you go.... three easy, money-saving green tips!!

:) LB

One Week!

In one week I'll get my test scores back... I am pretty sure that I passed but you never know!! Then I have to immediately plunk down $80 for the 2 required classes and $96 for the fingerprint kit. It'll be $12 to get fingerprinted. I REALLY want all this done by Jan so I can find a job. But first I have to pass the test LOL

Today we were supposed to have the building inspection for our breezeway and converted rooms. Of course, it was already supposed to have been done but is a long story in the saga of our house lol.  After having FIL come over at 8 a.m. in case the guy showed up when we were at work... well at 9 he called to say he was coming Thursday. So now FIL has to come back. But hopefully then this process will be TOTALLY done... it has been going on since Feb!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11/9/09

Ok... my first Menu Plan Monday post! (IF I am doing it wrong please LMK!). See for more info!

Monday:  chicken burgers, au gratin potatoes (free from the Betty Crocker promotion!
Tuesday: rest of chicken burgers and potatoes
Wednesday: I work late and J is off so it'll be frozens
Thursday: Maple- glazed chicken with sweet potatoes I'll be making regular potatoes instead!
Friday:  leftover chicken and potatoes
Saturday:  Wine trip!
Sunday:  Crock Pot Ravioli

Looking forward to it!!

Quick update

Last week kicked my butt nad it looks like this week is going to also! It's getting into the busiest time of the year, which will mean longer hours at work. But no OT since I am only part time.

I did make it to the Hallmark Holiday Weekend though. I bought *mostly* Christmas presents (they have the cutest  cookie plates) and got the free gift bag - all in all about $200 worth of items for under $100! Not bad.

I will be back soon with my Menu Plan Monday post!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! J and I had a very laid back day and evening - we hung around the house and watched "Newsies" and "Nightmare Before Christmas". Our first Trick or Treater was at 12:15 p.m.! Crazy.

I was reading through some blogs - have gotten horribly behind - and ended up at's Menu Plan Monday post. J and I, after going over last month's expenditures, have decided to really plan our meals. Wish us luck lol  Next week will be my first planning day.

Feel free to reply with your favorite recipes!