Sunday, February 28, 2010

Target Trip!

So, we needed some toothpaste, aluminum foil, paper towels, etc., adhave been out for awhile. I had planned to geo to Target earlier this week but the rain then snow prevented that. And trust me, this week I REALLY wished I had begun stockpiling better.

I had heard about the $5 Target gc with the purchase of some Kellogg's granola bars. On the endcap, they had the Cinnabon bars, special k bars and the new fruit crisp bars along with signs about the gc on select Kellogg's granola bars.So we took 2 Cinnabon, 2 Special K and one fruit crisp.

After we checked out, I asked the cashier about the $5 gift card.She hadn't heard about it so she called over a manager who told us the Cinnabons weren't part of the $5 gc items because they were marked down to $1.88. When I questioned WHY they would be on the endcap with the others, along with a sign both above and below so it made them look like it was part of the sale, she said "We just like to feature items there sometimes." Very crafty and misleading IMO.

Anyway, we just bought them anyway, but as we were leaving, I was looking at the receipt and surprise, the Cinnabons  were not on sale! So I had to go back to customer service, explain what happened, and the associategave me the difference. But what a chorse.

The sad thing is that is not the first time a store has been misleading like that. I think they count on people not paying attention or not remembering the prices. I hate making waves like that, but in thiscase I thought it had to be done.

Those Cinnabon bars are sooooo worth it though! Yum.

(photo from cfinke)


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