Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slacking Again...

I still find it almost impossible to find 15, 30 minutes a day to sit down and write a blog post. I have so much to post about and a giveaway I need to post by Friday. But during the day, I am usually holding a now 4 month! old. When he goes for naps, I do the laundry, dishes, etc. He only sleeps for 20 to 30 mins and a lot of that is while he is laying on me lol!! Plus worrying about him and anticipating him waking up is always on the back of my mind so I just can't concentrate. I should at least write SOMETHING when he is sleeping, though, so I have the start. Never get anything done in one shot! Then at night I am soo exhausted that I can't even think. And since it is my only uninterrupted time, I need to send e-mails and reply on message boards and Facebook, stuff I can't do while holding my wiggle worm!!

4 Month pic. Rare moment where he was still - but you can see he was leaning forward!

So, I am still trying but failing. Next week my parents will be visiting and the week after we will be in Disneyland so my time is even more limited. I need to schedule posts, lol, yeah right. I have an event coming up in Sept, and I don't have any sponsors because I want to have more current content up... it is an endless cycle!!!

Enough whining, here is another picture of my handsome boy!

Doing what he loves most - putting as many fingers in hid mouth as he can!!!

OK OK one more!!!

His Woodloch souvenir!


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