Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fiber One 80 Calories Cereal Review and Giveaway

They Say: The wait is over - brand new Fiber One 80 Calories cereal is on store shelves now! Each crunchy wheat and corn puff square in every bowl of Fiber One 80 Calories cereal has a light honey flavor.

* With 40 percent of the Daily Value of fiber in one 80 calorie serving, Fiber One 80 Calories cereal can help curb your hunger, which can help you stick to your weight loss plan.

* With great-tasting Fiber One 80 Calories cereal, there is a new breakfast option that helps you feel satisfied without sacrificing flavor!

Look for new Fiber One 80 Calories cereal on grocer’s shelves now! Visit http://www.fiberone.com/ for great information on healthy living and coupons for new products.

I say:  This cereal was really good! I wasn't sure how an 80 calorie cereal would taste, but it did live up to the Fiber One slogan of "Fiber, yes, Cardboard, no" It is not too sweet, and you can definitely taste the wheat and corn. I was also surprised that the fiber One 80 calories cereal kept me full for quite awhile. It didn't get soggy in my yogurt either!

Fiber One on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/F180Cal

Want to win the Fiber One prize pack seen above? It contains one box of Fiber One 80 calories cereal, one sensor pedometer with USB connector to chart walking progress and one neoprene iPod/smartphone holder with arm strap. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below (note that it might take a moment for it to load). If you have any questions, LMK.

Please note that the mandatory entry to to post a comment on this post answering this question: What is your current breakfast, and does it keep you full until lunch time? If the mandatory entry is not done, none of your other entries will count.

Disclosure: Fiber One 80 Calories cereal, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. 


  1. I generally have a bacon sandwich and juice or fruit...and no it doesn't keep me full til lunch!

  2. I try to east a bowl of cereal, typically cheerios, before I run out the door if anything. I am usually hungry within a couple of hours! katers2714 at yahoo.com

  3. my current breakfast tends to be a piece of fruit and a glass or carnation instant breakfast. It tends to keep me full for about 3 hours, but then the munchies return.

  4. I usually just have cereal. Sometimes I get really hungry before lunch.

  5. usually have yogurt with fruit. sometimes Im ok, sometimes still hungry.

  6. i usually have greek yogurt with fruit and cereal for breakfast.

  7. My current breakfast is a slice of peanut butter toast & it does not hold me over until lunch.

  8. usually a bagel and no it doesnt keep me full
    damiesmom at ymail dot com

  9. I have toast and sometimes it fills me up
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  10. Well a lot of times, I forget to even eat breakfast. If I do remember, it's a Fiber One bar. Need to add something to it. Just not enough for me.

  11. Ussually, I'll have eggs either in an veggie omelet or scramble. Afterward I go to the gym and it burns off quickly, so it doesn't completely fill me up.


  12. I will sometimes have cereal or an english muffin if I have time. I'm usually hungry within an hour or two.

    Cerena Leigh

  13. I love just a fried egg white and wheat toast. Yum!