Thursday, September 1, 2011

And We're Back!!

Well it has been quite a week!!!

Five days at Disneyland were WONDERFUL!!! Other than blowouts on each of the flights, Baby E did so good flying. I think he enjoyed Disneyland too, hard to tell, but he did very well being out of his element and off his schedule. He certainly is very outgoing and friendly. I really hope he stays that way. We got to hang out with most of my friends too <3 I will probably do some sort of trip report, but here is one pic:

Meeting Buzz Lightyear!

While we were gone. Hurricane Irene struck at home. It was just a tropical storm then, but it caused quite a bit of damage to the area. We just had branches down and are very thankful to J's parents for prepping our house. I'll add a pic of the tree in our neighbor's yard - kinda scary. Our ~lovely~ power company has taken forever to repair the damage.. In our town, power went out early Sunday morning, and we just got it back today! /still more than a thousand people without power.

So I was behind to begin with and am even more behind now! I will be extending the Fiber One giveaway through Sunday night. And I am planning on getting up an overdue review tomorrow.

Hope that all of you out there are doing well and were not too affected by the hurricane!


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