Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Favorite Five Month Old...

It's so funny that July drrrraaaaagggggeeeeed on and on but August was over in a snap, mostly due to my parents being here a week and spending 5 days at Disneyland!!

Last Thursday Baby E was 5 months old! On Monday he went in for his 5 moth checkup. (Our dr does appts every month for the first 6 and gives shots at 5 of those 6 appts!) His stats: 15 lb.11 oz.and 24 inches; 40th percentile for weight and 25th for height. But 60th for head circumference lol!!! right where he has been pretty much.

On Monday!
He is doing everything he should except rolling over. He can stand - even hold himself up with one hand standing. He can sit by himself on a soft surface, without leaning on anything. On hard surfaces, he sometimes can lean on his hands. He LOVES the bebepod.

on his 5 month birthday
As you can see, he can hold his feet, hold and grab just about anything and everything! His aim is getting better. He can move himself in circles. And of course EVERYTHING goes in his tiny little mouth. Fingers are still number 1, but toys, noses, burp cloths, teethers, washcloths... all are a close second!

But the kid will. not. roll. over. He has rolled front to back about 4 times, and back to front once the other day. But he just wants to either hold himself up to look around or kick his feet and wave his hands. Doesn't care to see what it is like on the other side!

right after he rolled back to front the first time

This kid is soooo happy. All the time unless he is hungry or wet. The best is when he laughs <3 We are giving him rice cereal but his lovely pooping issues returned so we switched to oatmeal. He has been eating fruits, and we are starting veggies tomorrow! He has LOVED everything so far. This kid has always been an eater lol

21w5d sitting

Now if he would only roll over!!!


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