Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 6 Months!!!

I cannot believe Baby E is 6 months old today!! It seems like forever ago that he was born. And he  is changing right before my eyes!

the day after he was born

All of the sudden he is rolling over, both ways, all the time. He sits up on his own, unassisted and not bearing weight on his hands, for quite a few minutes. He always wants to sit up so he can see what is going on (just like his mom lol!) and still loves to stand. he is getting so tall, to me at least, he is almost a head taller than the bottom of the rocking chair.

being silly with his Mickey

He's in his crib for night and naps now - unswaddled totally! And he always ends up against the rails.

friends guardinh him while he sleeps
He hasn't started "army crawling" yet but I am sure that will be soon. He can turn himself around and around to get to where he wants to go. He can push himself up to standing and to sitting.

still loves eating his feet too

He LOVES eating, loves all of the fruit and veggies he has eaten except peas and squash.  He is also teething... lots of drool and some crankiness.

first food... bananas

And still always moving! So laid back in the womb... so active today!

I love this kid so much and can't really imagine life without him!  Happy 6 months sweet boy!

6 months!!!


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