Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well Hi There!

So apparently Google decided that it detected unusual activity on my account and deactivated my blog. Did it bother to tell me? Oh, no, why would it do that?? Nice to come back from vacation and have a minor heart attack.

Yes, I am back from Disneyland! The vacation was all right, not relaxing, unfortunately, but when can you relax when you have a 13 month old? lol It was good to be in Disneyland, but I barely got to see any of my friends, which is the important part. Oh well, it is what it was. Here are a few pics from my phone.

First ride: Peter Pan

Water on the train

In his element: meet at the hub

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  1. I am sorry things didn't work out to see you guys. I hope you had a wonderful time and E looks like he was a happy boy. I see he stole T's dog.