Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brew Over Ice K-Cup Review

I have a slight K-Cup addiction. I bought a Keurig last November as an early Christmas preset. And boy did Jeff present me with K-Cup presents... 6 boxes! (Get the humor there? ;)) I still have some left! I have gotten used to having a hot cup of coffee almost every morning, to wake me up when E. doesn't sleep well. But sometimes I need a little pick me up in the afternoon too, but I prefer iced coffee. So I was really stoked when I heard about Brew Over Ice K-Cups and was so excited to  try them! they are specially blended to brew directly over ice.

My mocha creation... note the dabble of homemade chocolate syrup

My favorite cold coffee drink is an iced mocha, so I found a recipe (yes I need  recipe for everything!) but that didn't work out. So I found another one, modified it a bit, and it is so good!!! All you do is add as much chocolate syrup as you want to your plastic cup, add the ice, brew (6 or 8 oz) then add a little creamer, milk and sugar if desired! Mmmm.

My favorite of the ones I tried

So, how were the flavors I got to try?
Green Mountain Nantucket Blend: this was a good solid coffee. I used a mocha creamer with it, and it was so good!
Green Mountain Hazelnut: You can taste the nutty flavor. I added less chocolate and a sweet cream creamer
Celestial Seasonings Southern Sweet Tea: It just tasted like regular tea. Very refreshing
Celestial Seasonings  Half and Half: This is half tea and half lemonade. It was ok. I have never had this combo before - it tasted a little off to me.

You can find all of the varieties they offer on the Brew Over Ice Web site. The sweet & creamy ones sound so good!

Watching the coffee come out - this is my son's favorite part!

Don't forgot to sign up for the Brew Over Ice Tumbler Nation - you can get free stuff and be entered to win a year's supply of K Cups and a Keurig!

*I received products from Bzzagent for this review. I received no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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