Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and My Apologies

Well it has been quite a few weeks! Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island hard. We were lucky that there was no damage to us or our house, other than a piece of siding. We lost power for 7 days... and many other still don't have it or are just getting it back. We lost power again during the nor'easter - thankfully just for a few hours. We had a tree fall during that, but it just brushed the house.

However, the Verizon box that serves the neighborhood was damaged when a tree fell, and they had to wait for the power to be back on to that area before it could be fixed. So finally 7 days more we got our Internet, TV and phone services back.

That is why I have been gone so long. I have several reviews to write - most are overdue - and I will try my best to get them posted this week. A week from tomorrow my parents arrive for Thanksgiving, so I will have limited time for the following week. I do apologize for the delay! Trust me, I wish that Internet had come back with our power - but power and heat are the most important things!!!

Here are a few pics of my area... but it does nothing to really show how badly some areas got hit, especially on the south shore. I also added a few of the toddler :) I tried to organize them, and they got all messed up so they are a bit out of order.

helping pick up branches that fell
a tree across power lines... this one actually blocked the street before they cut it
eating breakfast in the dark

Halloween sock monkey... we went trick or treating at the outlet mall
more trees down

HUGE tree. Amazing how this tree just ripped out of the ground

helping to rake leaves

He loved all of the flashlights!

Ready to go explore in the snow!

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  1. Im so sorry to hear that you were affected by the storm, but Im glad to hear that you and your family are doing OK!