Monday, January 20, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 1/20/14

I am a little bummed that I did not do a menu plan last weekend... I actually bought meat?!?! and made some amazing pork chops! Gotta refine the recipe before I post it. I also made a dessert from an old church cookbook that my mom gave me, from the very first church I ever attended. I want to make some recipes from there throughout the year, This week it is supposed to get really cold, so I am going to make some soups and warm stuff.

Here are my food resolutions this year...
~ Do at least 8 Daring Bakers Challenges. I have already done this month's! It will be posted the 27th!
~ Make a few homemade items such as granola bars, applesauce and bread (which I have made before) etc!
~ Post a recipe a week - and find a new photo sharing site to more easily upload pictures
~  Save our favorite recipes and remake them! I am so bad at making recipes more than once! Also write down the favorites ones and cookbook ones to keep them all in one place.

We'll see exactly how well that goes :) I know I need to narrow them down to some specific items.

This week is a regular week, with nothing going on the weekend. Last weekend was insane, so I am looking forward to some down time!

Monday: Hamburger Stuffed Shells (halving recipe)

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Potato and Corn Chowder

 Wednesday: leftover chowder

Thursday: Crock Pot Pizza Chicken

Friday: leftovers

Saturday and Sunday: pizza, hopefully!

Dessert of the Week: I THINK and HOPE that we will finish all of our Christmas junk this week. It's so sad... I bought less than usual but we still have so much! We are eating in moderation :D

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  1. I love your food resolutions for the year! If I had to make one, I would love to make more things from scratch. Happy cooking this week!