Monday, April 2, 2012

B is For...

Big Thunder Mountain!

Artsy picture of Big Thunder Mountain In Disneyland
My favorite roller coaster in all of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. If you read yesterday's post, you'd know a little about MiceChat and how it has affected my life. Before MiceChat, I was scared to ride roller coasters. Of course, when I saw children riding them with ease In knew that had to change! I built up my courage, and now I will ride any Disney coaster and will try just about any coaster in any other park.

I am not sure why I love Big Thunder Mountain so much. The speed, the turns, the goat trick, the turtles, being outside, the scenery, pretending the rocks are caving in...It is milder than some and that makes it more fun to a scaredy cat like me :D

Big Thunder Mountain in Magic Kingdom starts and ends inside. Pic from Jeff.


  1. Yes! I looooove Big Thunder! I was in Jr. High when they first build it at Disney World (don't laugh. I know I'm old) and it gives me such great joy to share one of my all-time favorite rides with my children. I think it's the rickety noise it makes and the sudden turns that get ya!

  2. I can't wait until E. is old enough to ride roller coasters! You are not THAT much older than me :) Right now it is down for refreshing at WDW... I can't wit to see if they change anything! (Rumor is the queue is changing!)