Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 4/2/12

Happy Monday! This Thursday starts a week o' craziness. Thursday, my parents get into town, Friday we are running round like crazy and going out to dinner for my mom's birthday, Saturday is Baby E's first birthday!!! (Not a baby anymore :( ) and we are hosting Easter dinner plus his birthday (it was a good idea at the time). Sunday is Easter, of course, but it is the only day that we have nothing much going on! Monday the 9th we're all going to the city, Tuesday is my birthday and E has his 1 year appt, plus dinner out for my birthday. Then Wednesday, Jeff, a friend and I are going to see Newsies!!!! Soooo excited!!! Thursday, my parents leave and I collapse.

I am prepared to be a thousand times more exhausted than I already am lol And so the meal planning will be a bit off for the next week, too.

Monday: chicken quesedillas  (chicken was "breaded" with  Char Crust - look for a review and giveaway on Wednesday!)
Tuesday:  leftover pork chop (rubbed with Char Crust, too. Mmmm)
Wednesday:  frozen meal
Thursday: pizza delivered (some foods my parents must have!)
Friday:  dinner out at 34 New Street

I normally do not cook on weekends, but this is a welcome exception...

Saturday: Easter dinner - salad, ham, mac and cheese (via the MIL), corn casserole, peas or green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls., with homemade cake and cookies for dessert, plus ice cream!
Sunday: leftovers!!!

For more recipes, check out MPM at

(BTW from last week, Bisquick Pie was some sort of chicken, cheese, corn, egg pie baked in a Bisquick crust. I don't remember making it, but it was good!)


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