Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Pain to Fun!

What a week. I woke up on Wednesday with my eye hurting. It stung and was in pain, but it was bearable. Wednesday night I saw that I had a little bump on my eye, and Jeff said it was a sty. Thursday, I woke up in AGONY. It felt like someone had stabbed a pencil in my eye, and when my eye moved, it felt like someone was twisting that pencil. So there was no way I could form a coherent post. I could barely get through my day.

Ready to go on a road trip!!  He loves reading books in the car

Friday, my eye was better, and we went upstate for the weekend to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I was planning on catching up on my A to  Z blogging then, but after packing (since I didn't do that Thursday) and making cookies (had to have a hostess gift!) I had no time! We ended up leaving 15 minutes later than we wanted to anyway!

He woke up early on Saturday morning, so we brought him into bed with us. You can barely see it to the left of his forehead, but he fell asleep on my teddy bear, Taddy. :)

I did not touch the computer all weekend! We were so busy and just exhausted! After getting E. down, it was time for us to go to bed lol!! So tomorrow I pledge to try my best to catch up to the blogging A to Z... in between finishing unpacking and laundry!

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