Thursday, April 19, 2012

P is for...

P is for Piggy, Miss

Miss Piggy, aka Piggy, has been my favorite Muppet forever. I love how she is brash and bold. I can relate to her Kermit love. She is the star of the show, and a demanding one at that! But she is also hilarious. And really sweet! She also is not afraid to do anything - even hoer own stunts! That is a trait I admire in humans and, apparently, Muppets too!!

Piggy and Kermit, TL 4-Ever

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  1. Well, Howdy Do, I sure love that little Piggy too. I love her stamina, her tenderness and her audacity. They say that pigs are the closest animals to having the same anatomy (in dissecting lab) as humans have. I reckon that puts Miss Piggy right up there at the top, eh? Thanks for the laugh when I saw her pictures. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy