Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for...

N is for NEWSIES!!

Newsies promo shot

Of course, why would N be anything else?? I have been a huge fan of Newsies ever since it came out. What teenage girl wouldn't love a bunch of cute guys singing and dancing?? When I heard that it was finally turning into a musical, I was ecstatic, I mean, I already had an entire musical version in my head. And when I saw it in NJ, I hoped against hope that it would come to Broadway. and it DID and I SAW IT. Among all of the birthday sickness last week, Jeff, our great friend and theatergoing buddy Jonathan and ME! I! got to see Newsies the musical on Broadway!!!  And somehow it was ten million times better than  it was in NJ... just the way the cast acted, you could tell how thrilled they were to be on the Great White Way.

I HAVE to see it again before it closes. If you are looking to see a Broadway show, go see Newsies!!!

Did I mention that the set is crazy awesome? Newsies the Musical


  1. I haven't ever heard of this...I'll have to check it out somehow. :)

  2. Ok I was reading your profile...Disney...I'm IN. I love anything Disney. Now for your post...How exciting that you got to see it on Broadway! looks like it was a great night!
    New follower.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I've never seen Newsies, but it looks awesome. :-D