Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dyeing Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter!!!

Last night Jeff and I dyed eggs! Neither of us had done it in a loooooong time, but we gthought it would be fun! And it was.

We bought both the regular Paas dye kit and an off brand that had a white crayon, extra dye and sponges and other fun stuff. Guess which one worked better? lol

See the middle white tray? The greenish egg is one I used the speckle sponge on... didn't turn out so great lol But it is unique, right????

All of the eggs ended up looking unique. That is one thing I love - they are always random colors from the dyes.



  1. How fun. I have some eggs sitting on the counter blown out and ready to dye. Wonder if I'm going to get to it. You have now inspired me. Don't know why I spent the time to blow out the eggs. Oh yea, it was Martha Stewart's idea.

    I like your way of doing it. Simple and Easy.

    Cheers! and Happy Easter

  2. Well of you blow the egg then you can keep them out! We didn't even have any in our baskets because we totally forgot about them in our fridge lol