Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Radical Review Wednesday: Cowgirl Chocolates (Blogmania Sponsor!)

I was first introduced to Cowgirl Choclates when I won them from a Blog giveaway. Cowgirl Chocolates combines the heat of spices with creamy chocolate to make some amazing truffles!

First of all, they come in a totally cute box.

Each truffle is individually wrapped and color coded, so the not as brave of heart (me) can stay away from the really spicy ones. I did try a few bite of those, and they do pack a punch! Jeff loved them!! For the record, the mild truffles are just as full of flavor! The truffles come with a guide so you know which color is which flavor.

As you can see, they are a very good size! Some are creamy like this, and some are full of chocolate! Yum!!

Want to win a box? Come back Sept. 15 and 16 for Blogmania! Cowgirl Chocolates is just one of my sponsors!

Can't wait? Go to Cowgirl Chocolates and buy a box today! They also have chocolate bars, caramels, cocoa and more! Delish!!


  1. Sept. 15th and 16th will be a busy day >:)

  2. Hello! I wanted to stop in from the blogmania blog hop and let you know I am now following you and supporting us blogmania hosts! Have a wonderful weekend! and if you get a chance to swing by here is my blog