Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Superbowl Day!!!!

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I really am only excited because of food .... and commercials!! We are not that big into sports around here. But I AM rooting for the Steelers since I went to college for 2 years in a tiny town not far from Pittsburgh. No, you haven't heard of it lol!! (Also, since I used to live in Colorado, I ma supposed to dislike the Packers... though I don't really like the Broncos so that whole situation is a wash lol!)

One of my most favorite memories is one day when I was at the Pittsburgh airport. There was some sort of playoff game going on, and the Steelers won... and MASSES of people came pouring into the deserted terminal, cheering and hollering.... it was AWESOME!!!

So go black and gold!

It is just Jeff and I today,so I decided to go light on the food. Apps of cheese, crackers, dip and chips... plus Little Dipper Pizza fondue. I bought a Little dipper at the church garage sale for $2 last year, so we'll see if it works! If not I"ll make the dip in the oven.

Main dish will help satisfy my crazy craving for spicy wings... IDK why, since I'm not into really spicy food. But the buffalo chicken and potatoes casserole at sounds  really good!  (BTW that site always loads funny for me. Does it for you too?) Hopefully to be served at halftime... Black eyed peas. YUCK.

Dessert will be some Pillsbury refrigerated dough Cinnabon cookies that need to be made. Yum!

What is on your Superbowl menu today? Who are you rooting for?


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