Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Back!!!

We go in very late last night... spending the day TRYING to catch up lol So many e-mails, several TV shows to watch, and so much laundry. Not to mention all of the pictures that need to be uploaded and resized, etc. Didn't exactly keep up like I wanted to :\

I am very glad and grateful that I made it through the week - I was expecting the wore, but things weren't so bad. Mostly just a lot of soreness in my legs and feet, along with the usual sleeping and pain in sleeping issues. It didn't help that the pillows in both places we stayed at were horrible. I will admit that it feels really really nice to be back home and relaxing rather than walking all day long!! It also feel really good that I can now rest and relax until the baby comes (along with all of the stuff i need to get done here... a woman's work is never done!! ;) )

So stay tuned to my blog this week, I'll be posting pictures of my trip along with a couple of giveaways!


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