Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disneyland, Day 2: Sunday

Well, this day didn't go as I had planned, but sometimes, surprises can be good :)

It started out as usual, with Disneyland.  And, of course, the mandatory shot:

They still had Valentine's decorations up

One ride you have to ride early is Alice in Wonderland... it looks awful now that they have rails and ugly tarps up, but it is still a great ride. And I am still obsessed with the decor:

Took the train to look at Splash mountain construction. Love this area of the park, love how peaceful and pretty it is.

We went over to DCA to check out the constriction and the Blue Sky Cellar. Carsland looks like it is going to be awesome, and the Little Mermaid ride!!! Cannot wait to ride this!!!

This is just one of the totally awesome themed construction walls:

On our way back to Disenyland, we visited our brick:

We stayed there for a little bit, got a surprise visit by some friends who stopped by in between their busy schedule, then Jeff suggested we go back to the room so he could change and we could rest.

Little did I know what awaited me there...

A surprise baby shower with my best friends!!! <3 I still can't believe that Jeff (and she who spells her name wrong) set this all up, and i had NO IDEA!!!! I wasn't even sure that we were going to see everyone so I was so excited!! After another friend got off work, we all went to Fire and Ice at GardenWalk for dinner, and eventually another friend stopped by to say hi. So loved <3 And BTW, Fire and Ice was so good!!!!

After, Jeff and I went back to DL for a little bit and caught the new Small World show. It was actually pretty neat!!!

Day 3 next time... we change hotels and go to San Diego!

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  1. How totally cool! We went last year and they didn't say a thing about the new Carsland and kudos to your hubby for being a great guy!