Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Thoughts from a 38 Week Pregnant Woman...

Ugh. I just realized I haven't posted since Saturday!! It has been a long, tiring week. 38 weeks, 4 days today, and I am finally slowing down lol! Anxiously awaiting the nesting phase, though I think that won't happen. :( I have sooo much to do. Thankfully, Jeff starts his leave next week so he will help motivate me, and we will be able to get things done together! ...with plenty of rest for me.

We attended a labor and delivery class at the hospital last night.. of course, me being me, I already knew most of what they told us. It's not like I haven't already read 5 books on the subject! It was good to see what the hospital's views on things are and how they pretty much match mine.

But I am still scared to death about giving birth. And how J will handle it. :\ BUT nothing we can do until it happens.Which it won't for awhile - baby and I have a "not until April" pact ;)

I have been watching One Born Every Minute as another preparation, and every time a baby is born, I cry. It makes me wonder if I will be bawling when my own baby is born!

Random thoughts from a very pregnant person LOL!!

BTW we bought a dining room table... figured we should probably teach our kid things like table manners and not watching TV during dinner. It got delivered today, and we both LOVE IT!  (We did have a tiny table that only fit 2 people... and definitely not a high chair!)

Now to keep the cats from scratching it up...


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