Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 3 Months!!!

Cannot believe my little man is 3 months today! Finally!!! time is still going at a snail's pace. He just got out of a growth spurt - not only is he bigger (his head sticks out of the Baby Bjorn now!) but he now reaches out to grasp things. He loves holding items close - like his little Mickey or his burp cloth. He is back to babbling and smiling all the time. Still fussy at night, though.  Love this handsome boy.

loves his Mickey!

4th of July
Today - happy little baby!!!

Bye Bye Newborn, Hello Infant!!!

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  1. What a cute lil guy, my lil man is now 2 and the time has just FLOWN by! I'm following you now and I wanted to let you know you are the winner of the 2 skinny B* books from my site from the Freedom Giveway!!
    I will send you an email in a minute!