Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$1 doubled coupons at Stop & Shop again this week!

OMG you guys, last week Jeff  BANNED me from going to the grocery store again this month! I had overspent on my budget, and we had so much food here that we really did need to eat it before buying more (and that is why I haven't posted any menu plan recently.... that and my new work schedule) . I also need to eat before I go to the grocery store - I usually go directly from work and am STARVING by that time.

But, today I got this week's Stop and Shop flyer in the mail, and there were the 4 $1 double coupons. So I sweet talked Jeff ;) and this week I'll go to the grocery store.Thanks Stop & Shop! the best part is that I should have 8 coupons to use.

And I promised him, though i did it more for me, to look at the flyer and choose what to buy based on it nad my coupons and create a menu from that. I'm nervous but excited to try!!

(And btw... he didn't actually ban me. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. We came to a mutual agreement! )


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