Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stop and Shop Doubling $1 Coupons this Week!

I spent most of today organizing my coupons. I was all caught up, then I had to go out of town and boom.... there went my organization lol

So, instead of going to the grocery store today and cooking tonight, I sat on the living room floor with the cats and stuffed coupons into baseball card pockets for a few hours. But it is DONE! And I vow to keep on keeping up with it!

I was going to go to the grocery store tomorrow but for some reason, in the mail at work was the grocery store ads, and in the Stop and Shop ad there were 4 coupons to double $1 coupons. Usually we get the ads on Thursday but whatever!

So I snapped that up and will do a big shopping trip on Friday, though I will stop by quickly to pick up a few things to make the taco chicken tomorrow night. And I'll go again early next week, since I'll be getting another ad in my paper tomorrow! I LOVE $1 double coupon weeks!

Do any of you shop at Stop and Shop? It seems like nobody does, maybe because they aren't very widespread? I think they are very bright and clean, and the prices are really good, plus they double coupons up to .99. Pathmark has better sales, but the store near us is so dark and dirty. I feel bad for not shopping around as much as I should BUT I just love Stop and Shop so  much (Plus they have a Starbucks in the store!)



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