Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Technorati CDYZQJ9ASVB6

I think I am supposed to post this claim code in a new post, so CDYZQJ9ASVB6
IDK, I am so confused, but I think that is correct!

Everyone else please ignore this ;)
*goes back to coupon organizing*


  1. I seriously hate doing that! I don't think mine works yet. I think my groom finally put it in my css code somewhere in the header and it worked IDK, but I was so confused forever. Does it really help?

    following from MBC

  2. Well, I got a message saying that it found the code and verified that it was my blog but it might take awhile for them to look at it or add it or whatever they do?? It is confusing to me too, I don't know.

    But I heard that if you want to get offers from my blog spark then you need to have a technocrati rating so....

    TY for the follow. I will follow back, but I don't see the Follower link on your Polka Spot Farm blog (cute name BTW)