Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! Last night I wanted to make a pie to celebrate, but I didn't have any pie crusts. I have made pie crust once in my life - and I FAILED. The biggest issue is that the crust was for 9 inch pie and mine was a 9.5 inch pie pan.  I probably over mixed too. So, it was just "ok." Does anyone have a good recipe for a 9.5 inch pie crust?

I ended up making Pillsbury Cinnabon cookies instead. They were in my freezer and needed to be cooked!  The best thing about them is how big and uniform they are. They taste pretty darn good too. But I feel a little guilty for taking the shortcut.

I have eggs to use up, so I will make something this week. Need to gather recipes for Menu Plan Monday, too.

Sunday is one of my fave TV nights... Amazing Race and now the 2 hour premiere of Celebrity Apprentice! Since it is a heavy TV night, I decided to do my "Commercial Cleanup," where I straighten up, return items to thier proper room, etc., during commercial breaks. This living room has so much paper clutter it is RIDICULOUS!!! And its working. I just need to clean off the little table next to my chair, and I am done,

This weekend, I have already gone though my coupons and organized my magazines. I also FINALLY moved the aluminum foil and plastic wrap into a different cabinet where hey can lay flat. They used to stand up on end and would fall down every time we opened the cabinet. Not good.

Ok, a commercial is on... time to get crackin'! :D

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