Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress Relief - got any tips?

I have a few posts I need to write, but after my morning, this has to be a priority.

My life is so stressful. Almsot every day at work I encounter some kind of stress, from a mild panic to an entire body gripping, muslce freezing. heart hurting, bust out in tears stress. Home has its moments too, worrying about the baby and money and the ever mounting e-mails and clutter I need to get through but never have the energy or desire to do. Not a day gors by, literally, that I don't feel some kind of stress.

Of course, this isn't good for me and mostly isn't good for that baby. I am so scared already that we're going have a high strung child due to all my anxiety and the hormones of whatever coursing through me. I really need to learn how to manage it while I am in it.

So I am turning to you my readers, asking for your help with anything you do to manage your stress. I read magazine articles about it and all, but their tips seem so impractical when you are in the middle of it and can't just walk away or bust of some "me" time. How do you guys handle stress?


  1. I have STRESS too! I am a stay at home mom - but I have 5 kids and it does get REALLY STRESSFUL!!

    I am working on my stress level too. I do have to say that working out - something I am trying to do more of - but just walking on the treadmill helps.

    Another quick help for me is learning how to breath that is like meditation. Here is the link for it. I found it hard at first to tune people and things out - but I am working on it and just a 1-5 min of it really helps - even when the kids are running around my feet!


  2. lb..you need to recognize you are in chaos mode and need to implement emergency policy. I've been there, so many times it's unreal. First, stop working about future problems with imagining your baby will be highstrung. Lots of factors determine that, you will do your best.
    For now, get rid of anything you can dump: don't borrow library books or rent videos, cancel nonessentials like cable, cut down your phone bill by dropping to minimal plan, make a todo list of actual NEED to dos and another of WANT to dos...Ask for help from whoever you can, and don't feel guilty for asking. Try and do one forward thing each day (clean out a drawer, wipe down shelves in one cabinet, etc)...something that will help you do less tomorrow. Set a timer and do fifteen minutes of housework and then stop.
    You can't make yourself relax if you are too stressed, but sometimes focusing that energy on one thing at a time (instead of mental pinball) helps calm you.
    I made a list of things to do with the actual expected time needed to complete next to it: it's amazing what you can do while you are waiting for the microwave to finish or while a pot of tea brews. Make your time manageable and don't let all your energy go into worrying...just try and do!
    Lastly, see if you can recruit a tweenager to help for a few bucks...a kid 12 and up can really be helpful! HTH

  3. I agree with Amy you need to ask for help with things and figure out what is a need and what is a want. Set a timer is a great idea to get through e-mails because then you can only be on the computer just so long. A timer is also great for cleaning up a room without feeling like you need to do the whole thing.
    You need not worry about the things that you cannot control.
    I was getting heart palpitations from stress just after my daughter was born. I realized it was from a fight we were having with a family member. Once I spoke to them and told them I forgive them for what they had done to me (which they believe I was wrong and are still not speaking to me/us) the stress went away. So is it possible there is one or two things that are really bothering you? Why not try to get those things out of the way first or ask for help with things like clutter or the bills.
    Take a deep breath or a bath, smile and relax you will kick yourself later for not enjoying every second of your pregnancy! It truly is an amazing time in a woman's life.
    God Bless and I will be praying for you.