Friday, November 5, 2010

Dress Shopping and Thoughts on Pregnancy Clothes...

My brother got married a few weeks ago.Yay!!! It was held in an old Vanderbilt house up in the Berkshires in MA, and was such a nice weekend getaway.Congrats to them <3

I needed to buy a dress for the wedding, an of course waited until the weekend before the wedding to go out and buy one lol I wasn't sure if I would have "popped" by then.(I hadn't and haven't yet, but I am getting close!)

My first stop was a maternity shop. My first time in one! Dress-wise, it was very disappointing. All ther dresses were short and summery. I find that almost ALL pregnancy clothes are short sleeved and light-weight. Or they are 3/4 length (which I hate wearing) Let's not talk about how most sweaters are button up! Just not so good where we actually have winter! Anyway, I did try on one dress, but just felt and looked fat and not pregnant. I did end up buying a few things for work though, including an awesome plum colored sweater. I can't find the sweater online, but I had to buy this shirt as well:

My next stop was Kohl's. I didn't think they had fancy dresses, but I had $10 in Kohl's cash to use anyway. Now, they have a pathetic selection of maternity clothes. They have 2.5 racks stuffed full with jeans and pants, and the other half of the second rack has shirts. Half of those are the cami type shirts and the rest are regular shirts. Great for pants, not so good for the rest.

I made a quick stop at Macy's just to see the maternity dept. The same stuff as the maternity store, same prices. Pushed into a dark corner room, stuffed full!

Long story short, I finally ended up at Dress Barn, dragging poor J. with me. The dresses were mostly summery, but at least they were longer. I ended up liking two - one was prettier and longer, and the other was shorter but made me look more pregnant. I chose the second lol It did have straps, but I bought a little cropped sweater which helped (warmth and hiding arm fat!). I was hoping to have a pic of me that really shows the dress by now but no such luck. I will post one if I ever see one :)

But until then... here are a few more pics of the place where the wedding was held.

 Just a small part of the library... it was heavenly LOL

 One of the bedrooms... they were all just amazing. Like staying in a castle!

And finally the happy couple!! <3

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  1. What a gorgeous place to have a wedding. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following you back.