Monday, November 29, 2010

Odds N Ends

Is it just me or are the  Cyber Monday sales really disappointing?No great deals. I started shopping a few places but the high cost of shipping spoiled me Almost $9 for a few socks and baby clothes? No thanks. I pretty much have my Christmas shopping done anyway... except my brother of course. There;s always one person impossible to shop for LOL!!

The biggest news - I THINK I felt that baby move Sunday morning! OF course I haven't felt anything else yet lol So who knows.

Impatiently waiting for my sono appt. Thurs.  Just want to know for sure so we can really get started on the registry. Yeah, all of that is still overwhelming, what brands and types of items to sign up for.

Speaking of... the other day I received my Secret Santa gift from Survey Junkie's Secret Santa Exchange. My Santa was Marah at diary of a devil dog wife.  She got me a really AWESOME gift - it is a belly measuring tape, but it comes with stickers and a marker so you can mark hoe big you were at certain events like hearing the baby's heartbeat, feeling kicks, each trimester, etc.


Blurry pic but how cute and original is that? I love it - thank you so much! I have the gift for you guys, just need to wrap and send. They're not as cute and original though!

Also: I NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! Please click on my button on the left to add me :)


  1. Hi LB!

    Glad you find my post on "Benefits & How to Create Facebook Page for Your Blog" useful! Enjoy the FB page journey! :)

    ~ Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

  2. like u on fb now :)

  3. yeah! so glad you liked it! when i read on your blog that you were pregnant i HAD to get it for you! :)