Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When did you feel the baby move?

Today's question concerns what might seem like the first "real" out of the doctor's office feeling that you are pregnant: feeling the baby kick.
(Uh.. did that sentence even make sense? lol)

Today I am 20w2d, and I don't think I have felt the baby kick yet! It is so disappointing.  I thought maybe, Sunday at church, but the little bubbles feeling seemed very high up. And MAYBE this morning I felt something, right after I woke up, it felt like bigger bubbles popping. But it might have been gas.

How do you tell the difference? I thought that I'd feel it more than once a day. Where exactly will I fell the movements? My stomach was so big to begin with that its confusing. I've read that you should lay on your left side, but all I feel when I do that is my heart beating.

I know it will happen so, but I am so anxious! Usually by now you can feel something :\

Thursday is my Level II sonogram, and we will hopefully find out the sex. I cannot wait!!!

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  1. I cannot remember exactly when I could feel my LO move but it was probably around 22 weeks. I say that because it was after we knew she was a girl and that took 4 sonograms!
    I am sure others will tell you this but don't worry between now and delivery you will feel lots of moving, kicking & hiccups. I am pretty sure my daughter was playing soccer in there!