Friday, January 28, 2011

BOBA - Baby on Board Apparel Review

I am the type of person who is cold all of the time. Apparently pregnant women are supposed to get hot easily... not me. I am forever freezing, putting on extra socks and wearing sweatshirts around the house. That worked for awhile, but as my belly got bigger, my zip up sweatshirts didn't really zip up anymore! I have been wearing one of Jeff's huge sweatshrits, but it is so big it makes me feel fat and frumpy.

Enter BOBA - Baby on Board Apparel. When  founder Ali McEwen first saw the sight of her soon to be nephew`s ultrasound picture it was love at first site. With the excitement of her sister expecting, Ali wanted to buy her a t-shirt that told the world that she was pregnant. This proved to be a difficult task and from this an idea was born.
Ali decided to put her fashion background to use and develop exactly what she was looking for. This resulted in the conception of the UltraSound T-shirt; which is now a top seller. By April 2009, Baby On Board Apparel was launched consisting of strictly graphic t-shirts designed for the stylish mommy-to-be. In March 2010, BOBA released its signature collection of fashionable basics for blossoming bellies and has expanded to include collections. The mandate for these collections is about creating clothing that works with every existing wardrobe and feel as great as a favourite t-shirt.

 I received a Lila hoody to review in a new color sporty grey. As you can see, it is form fitting in a good way! I look and feel better and am not so embarrassed to answer the door for the UPS guy lol It is really soft and comfortable and keeps me warm. The zipper is plastic but it works very well.  I only washed it once, but it has held its shape and softness.

My only issue is that the sleeves are pretty tight. Even wearing a t-shirt, the top part of the sleeves is tight, and the elbow area gets a lot tighter when I fold my arms. It is a size XL, so there needs to be some room in there for arm flab. ;)

There are no pockets, but I assume that is because of the elastic to help it keep its shape. And that is ok with me! I love how it curves WITH me and makes me actually look pregnant!

I just loved this zip up sweatshirt and do wear it almost every day!

Check out the BOBA web site for lots of  shirts, tops and jackets to keep you looking stylish while you are pregnant.

*I was sent a zip up sweatshirt by BOBA to review from the product review team. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.*

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