Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

Happy new year to all! Hope that everyone had a fun and safe night. Jeff and I saw a movie (Tangled again... it is am Must see!), did a little shopping, then had a very filling meal at the Melting Pot! Home at 9 lol We did stay up until 1:30 though! Made sure to see BSB and NKOTB perform too!!!

I usually don't do New Years resolutions. But this year... in a year that will bring one humongous change :-0 I really need to step it up and make change in other areas. AKA: stop being so dang lazy!! Just need to keep the house tidy and get into a routine so that when the baby comes, after the initial craziness, we can develop back into a cleaning routine that was already there.

So, my resolutions: keep the area around my laptop decluttered. It always looks so nice and clean and then papers just get attracted to it. (yup... it is the paper's fault... not mine! lol)

In that same vein... do my coupons every Sunday. I get so far behind and then take hours to catch up. If I cut and file them every week, it will go so much faster.

And just to get on a whole cleaning schedule. I'm going to check out  When I'm not working outside the house I need to more cleaning done :\

And e-mails, I have always been horrible at replying. I resolve to reply and respond when I read them, not set it aside for later and then forget! I still owe my gift card winner her gift cards... and i keep meaning to e-mail her about it, but of course haven't. That just reflects badly on me, and if I want to grow my blog, I really need to be more timely!!

So there they are... nothing too bad, and everything is attainable as long as I get off my butt and my computer and DO SOMETHING. Wish me luck!!!

Do you guys have any resolutions?

Hope 2011 is happy and healthy for all. <3


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