Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cozy Mystery Challenge: Book 1!

I am so glad I joined this challenge because I am actually making time for reading again! I've been reading a few chapters in bed at night when Jeff is taking a shower. In fact, I went to the library before work yesterday to get a few more books, sinceI knew we'd be snowed in today.

My first book was A Catered Murder by Isis Crawford. To be honest, I THINK I read this book before. It seemed a little familiar. But I didn't remember "Who done it" at least!

Syopsis: In her assured debut, Crawford, a caterer with many travel-related articles to her credit, introduces an appealing family trio: tender-hearted Libby Simmons, owner of a catering business, A Little Taste of Heaven, in Longely, N.Y.; her wisecracking sister, Bernie, a refugee from L.A. and a disastrous marriage; and Sean, their wheelchair-bound father, a retired police chief. Nasty Laird Wrenn, a best-selling author of vampire fiction, plans to celebrate his success with appropriate menu (Bloody Marys, devil's food cake) and decor to match (black roses, a coffin) at a reunion dinner to be held at the local high school. When Laird drops dead at the dinner after drinking a glass of water, a slew of ill-wishers, including Libby's close friend Tiffany, whom Laird was stringing along, become suspects in his sudden demise. A naturally flowing narrative, lively and likable characters, and plenty of clever word play amid the foul play set this first novel above the common run of cozies. (from Publisher's Weekly)

I liked this book. Crawford did a good job on writing about the dynamic and differences between Libby and Bernie, but also how they are connected. The plot was interesting and the book well written. Crawford does a wonderful job of describing all of the food that Libby is making - from the gross (tomato aspic) to the delicious (devils food cake).  My only issue was the amount of characters - because the book starts with  a class reunion, many characters are introduced at once, and I had a hard time keeping track. In fact, when the murderer was named, I wasn't entire sure ho this person fit into it all! But it was a very interesting book and had enough twists and turns and possible suspects to keep me intrigued.

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  1. I need to see if our library carries this book. It sounds great!